About Us


Landlab is a cutting-edge research facility because it is a place for pure thought, development and innovation for agriculture: we think, we lead, we pinpoint.
Steadily growing and constantly changing, Landlab knows how to renew and innovate itself by investing is resources and technology. We develop products intended for a sustainable agriculture.
Landlab is a geographically articulated, flexible and multidisciplinary reality: we meet the needs of our clients and build future orientated partnerships. With an internationally acclaimed profile, Landlab is a place for meeting, sharing and dialogue.

Main crops :

1. Tomato

2. Corn

3. Soybean

4. Wheat

5. Lettuce

Speciality crops :

1. Balcony tomato

2. Balcony pepper

3. Turf

4. Ornamentals

5. Forage

Our talent :

High throughput physiological plant studies in the greenhouse. Biostimulant efficacy test in all the possible critical conditions to impose.

Total trial number estimated capacity

Total number of test sites

  • NGreenhouse
  • NGrowth chambers
  • NIrrigation
  • NInnoculation
  • NGEP certified
  • NCIR accreditation

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