Rhizome: managing your agricultural GEP trials


Rhizome has a centralized and all-round way of managing your agronomic trials following a strict procedure and high-quality standards. Your Rhizome Project Manager is your key contact person and will be your central contact point for the whole Field Trial  program.

    1. Experimental trials for registration purpose

    2. Research and Development

    3. Demonstration and Marketing trials

    The Rhizome process

    Based on your objectives and the program you set up:


    Rhizome analyses the feasibility of the program within its network of independent contract research organisations (CRO).

    After budgeting and approval, Rhizome coordinates the implementation of the trials with the selected partners.

    Rhizome collects and processes the results of the different trials in real time using the ARM software.

    Rhizome harmonises the presentation of the entire collected data.


    Rhizome checks the compliance of the trials with the initial objectives of the program all along the process.


    Rhizome provides a final report and all results on a dedicated and confidential platform.

    Contracts and administrative follow-up as well as invoicing are taken care of by Rhizome. That way you can focus on the technical part of your project to obtain the best possible results and the best return on investment.

    Transparency and communication

    As an intermediary between the client and its partners, Rhizome works on and communicates about every useful element of information in all transparency and in real time.