Rhizome, a unique service provider for all your GEP Trials

Rhizome is a unique European and worldwide partner for all your GEP efficacy and selectivity trials.

We offer integrated support for all your projects

  • Registration trials
  • Research and development trials
  • Demonstration trials

Rhizome design and/or review the protocols

Rhizome organise and supervise trials

Rhizome collect, centralise and process data

Rhizome harmonise results in a final report

Rhizome provides access to a large network of local and experienced independent Contract Research Organisations (CRO) for your experimental trials with a global approach.


“ProFarm Technologies’ collaboration with Rhizome has been primarily in field testing of biocontrol and biostimulant products in Europe. Rhizome is an excellent partner due to its extensive experience in the field and its commitment to quality. Rhizome’s team of experts has a deep understanding of the European regulatory landscape and can help clients navigate the complex regulatory environment, making them succeed to register products.

Rhizome understands that testing agricultural products in different geographic and climatic conditions requires a tailored approach. They work closely with highly experienced local service providers to develop customized testing protocols that provide the most accurate and reliable results.

Pro Farm, as a client, values Rhizome most for its excellent project management, transparent communication, be it progress or setbacks, as well as the company’s good geographical coverage across Europe.”

Virge Vasar, DSc

Global Technical Lead Nutritional Products

Field Development Lead in EAME & APAC

ProFarm Technologies

“Le réseau RHIZOME permet de travailler avec des prestataires sélectionnés selon des critères exigeants, à travers toute l’Europe. J’ai ainsi pu apprécier la qualité des essais réalisés parfois dans un contexte météorologique difficile comme en 2022. Je salue également la disponibilité de mon contact au cours de la réalisation des essais ainsi que la qualité des compte rendus. La transparence concernant les partenariats ou des difficultés rencontrées en cours d’essai, est aussi un gage de sérieux.”

François GIRAUD

Agronome – Recherche et Développement

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