International GEP trial management


Rhizome is a unique centralized operator to conduct and ensure the follow-up of your experimental GEP trials in Europe and the rest of the world.

Project management of your experimental trials

Our team of experienced project and data managers organize the design and implementation of your experimental trials for registration purposes, for research and development purposes and for demonstration purposes.

Experienced partners worldwide

The greatest added value of Rhizome is its unique network of more than 50 Contract Research Organisation (CRO). Each one of them has between 10 and 30 years of experience and have a perfect understanding and knowledge of the local practices. Rhizome’s network offers you the possibility to place trials all over Europe and the rest of the world. As a result, your project will benefit from extended local expertise and excellent local conditions while being part of a global approach through harmonized protocols.

Rhizome’s added value

1.  High quality standards
2.  Qualitative data
3.  One key contact
4.  Protocol standardisation
5.  Centralisation of results
6.  Real-time data
7.  Harmonisation of data
8.  International network
9.  Respect of deadlines and objectives
10.  Local expertise

High quality standards for the best possible return on investment

Rhizome upholds a series of strong values, such as excellence, flexibility, reactivity, transparency and confidentiality, to achieve the highest quality standards. Hence, Rhizome:

Follow a strict way of organising
and supervising trial

Collect and process data to provide a high quality report

Guarantee the best possible delivery times and respect of deadlines

Focus on bringing the best return on investment