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 “AgroUnit is a private certified Trial Unit G.E.P. (Good Efficacy Practice) and G.L.P. (Good Laboratory Practice), accredited by the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development and Foods and General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece.

   AgroUnit was established in 2001, based in Larissa, Greece, with it’s objectives including evaluation of plant protection agrochemical products, fertilizing products, evaluation of seed varieties, as also residue trials.”

Main crops :

1. Coton

2. Wheat

3. Grapevine

4. Pears

5. Apples

Speciality crops :

1. Cotton

2. Wheat

3. Grapevine

3. Pears

3. Olives

Our talent :

Organization of Field Days / Tours with the ability to “save the day” for visitors/guests, even if bad meteorological conditions occur, by a virtual “walk” through the trial.

Virtual Field Tour presentations can, also, be organized on demand, in the cases where visitors are not able or do not want physical presence in the trial area.

Total trial number estimated capacity

Total number of test sites

  • NIrrigation
  • NGEP certified

AgroUnit is agricultural research, passionately executed, including high standards of professionalism, high ratio of successful trials and resourceful flexibility when required.

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