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“agro –check was founded in 1994 as privately owned provider of agricultural and horticultural field trials. In 2000 the field of work was extended by building up a greenhouse specially designed for trial purposes.

GLP certified for residue studies since 1994 and for ecotoxicological studies since 2000.

Since 1997 agro-check is a certified GEP facility, too.

Starting in 2007 agro-check is working as Study Director in multisite residue projects, coordinating field trials and residue analysis with several independent European wide field stations and specialized analytical laboratories.”

Main crops :

1. Cereals

2. Maize

3. OSR

4. Potato

5. Sunflower

Speciality crops :

1. Apple

2. Pea

3. Strawberry

4. Alfafa

Our talent :

  • LC10 projects
  • Rain stability tests

Total trial number estimated capacity

Total number of test sites

  • NGreenhouse
  • NInnoculation
  • NGEP certified

Staff 10, specialised for specific trial types. All work in field can be done with own equipment from soil cultivation to harvest. Greenhouse with 7 compartments each with separete automated clima control.

Trials are located near to field station to enable close control of trials. Each year one central location with succeptible varieties of main cereals for fungicide trials.

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