About Us


“VELTIA LABS FOR LIFE was the first independent research organization for field trials established in Greece in 1996 (former name AGROLAB). To date, VELTIA conducts GLP and GEP studies for research and development purposes.

We can offer CRO services through qualitative excellence, reliability and ongoing development by ensuring that our clients and the market in general get the benefit of first-class services and where all their needs are met at competitive prices.

The quality as competitive advantage, the innovation as development’s driving force, the client care as a priority they always lead us as fundamental values.”

Main crops :

1. Cereals

2. Pome & Stone

3. Grapes

4. Vegetables

5. Olive

Speciality crops :

1. Strawberries

2. Tropical fruits

3. Citrus family

4. Ornamentals

5. Rotational crops

Our talent :

“Seed treatment / coating because of long experience of our sister company BIOS AGROSYSTEMS / REDESTOS, soil sampling till 100cm depth, long term storage trials. Veltia can offer through it’s own laboratory:

  • Organoleptic tests (taint test)
  • Soil and leaf tissue analysis as well as residue analysis. Veltia possess various laboratories within GR, CY and TR. Its lab are Accredited according to ISO 17025.”

Total trial number estimated capacity

Total number of test sites

  • NGreenhouse
  • NIrrigation
  • NInnoculation
  • NGEP certified

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