About Us


SIDAL SPA, is a research center dedicated to innovation, development and research for agricultural industry. Founded in 2010, recognized by the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG). The main R&D lines are focused on the development of pesticide efficacy, environmental dynamics of pesticide, and pesticide residues in agricultural products, for which it has a complete laboratory.

Main crops :

1. Wheat

2. Oat

3. Corn

4. Potatoes

5. Barley

Speciality crops :

1. Vine

2. Apples

3. Berries

4. Nuts

5. Horticultural

Our talent :

Organic and Inorganic analitical claboratory/Food processing plant (wine, beer, fruit pulps, milk).

Total trial number estimated capacity

Total number of test sites

  • NGreenhouse
  • NGrowth chambers
  • NIrrigation
  • NInnoculation

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